NIOA Championships – Don’t miss Out!

The NIOA Championships (also know as the Northern Ireland Long Distance Championships) are being held very early this year at 3rd September 2016 atRostrevor Forest and Cassey Water.

Not long to go – closing date Sunday 28 August. – so don’t miss out – details on the event site

When I checked the link for entries didn’t seem to be working. If you are having problems the link below will take you directly to the event entries:

Fabian 4 Entry Link


Extra Binevenagh Training Event

To get started for the new season volunteers (thanks Bobby etc.!) have decided to put on a training event in Binevenagh.

We will meet at Duncrun Fishing Centre  (about 0.5 mile beyond St Aiden’s Chapel – our usual parking spot) at 10.00am. We intend finishing about 12.30.

If you have not already signed up – please use the form below:

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Additional Requests / Multiple maps

Wed Evening Series 8 – Walworth Wood – Results

The final WES event took place in Walworth Wood and took the form of an adhoc relay, score and a green course.

In the relay, the teams had 3 runners and 2 runners started at the time on their first course. When the 1st runner came back the 3rd runner went out. When 2nd runner returned they swapped maps with the 1st runner who then went out on their second course. This continued until all 3 runners had run the 3 courses. The winning team was Bobby Smyth, Rose Deery and David Blair.

As well as the relay, there were 5 runners who completed the score course and 1 on the green course.

Thanks to everyone who planned courses, put out markers, collected markers and especially to all the runners who turned up at all the events.


Wed Evening Series – St. Columb’s Park – Results

Results now posted – sorry about the delay.

Eve Hearnshaw had us baffled as to how she appeared to win the Green course beating all the old hands! She did have a very good consistent run but didn’t actually win. The event had a default “first possible punch” time of 8am and the hire Red SI dibbers can only think in twelve hour chunks. As a result the last control and finish which Eve punched after 8pm where recorded in her result as after 8am! Hence  the problem. We will make sure this doesn’t happen at Limavady Grammar School next week!

See How they Ran

Just a post to let the Wednesday Evening Series (WES) runners know we how have graphic splits up with the results for the last three events:

SplitsBrowser graphical splits screenshot

A great way for runners to see at a glance who sneaked past you at number 3, or for planners to get feedback on the “tricky factor” for their legs!

Thanks to Des and Team for cracking AutoDownload and for Bobby for digging out the CSV files for the SplitsBrowser upload. We hope to keep this up for future events.