LONG COURSE   5.3km  
J. Logue M35 NWOC 36.19
S. Wilson M21 LVO 44.31
D. McGrellis M21 LVO 45.35
I. Millar M21 LVO 49.15
P. McGahon M21 NWOC 55.02
R. McKee M50 LVO 62.52
A. Gartside M60 LVO 64.25
C. Reid M21 NWOC 64.26
F. Hamond M50 LVO 66.01
B. Fyffe M45 FERMO 67.21
G. McCann M40 LVO 70.15
S.Gilmore M40 LVO 70.38
D. Blair M50 NWOC 76.46
N. Grant W40 FERMO 78.11
M. Fyffe W40 FERMO 79.47
G. Stephens M45 LVO 80.51
C. Wilson W21 EBOR 38.04
I. Luney M35 LVO 54.03
B. Austin M35 LVO 54.03
R. Blair W35 NWOC 57.11
E. Logue W21 NWOC 57.37
C. Smith M35 LVO 58.51
J. McKee M20 LVO 66.19
D. Wilson M21 LVO 70.21
H. Bell M50 LVO 74.35
N. Bogle M60 NWOC 75.47
M. McKee W21 LVO 89.58
C. Coey W21 LVO 89.58
B. Ryan W50 NWOC 92.45
SHORT COURSE   2.7km  
P. Higgins M18 LVO 30.11
R. Hussey W16 FERMO 42.15
S. Knight M40 LVO 43.26
A. Bell W50 LVO 46.13
J. Logue W40 NWOC 51.4
M+M. Knight W35 LVO 54.45
D. Hamond W45 LVO 69.11
N. O'Boyle M18 NWOC 75.42


Can I apologise sincerely for the misplacing of control 12 on the long and medium course which was also control 6 on the short course. The marker was about 30m out in a neighbouring depression. Most competitors saw the marker as they approached but I know that some competitors must have lost time at this control. Very sorry once again. Anthony Mc Gonigle.